retrieved via instagram @kekepalmer on 2-2-16.
retrieved via instagram @kekepalmer on 2-2-16.

Fans all over the world made sure to tune into Grease Live this past Sunday. With young stars taking the spotlight such as Aaron Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough and KeKe Palmer, this is one performance everyone was excited to see!

The excitement continued to blossom leading up to the live broadcast with cast member Keke Palmer sharing her excitement on Instagram and expressing how much it means to her to be the first African American to land a role in Grease. She plays plays Marty Maraschino, a 17-year-old whose character is very sophisticated and mature.

I feel as if I have waited my entire life for a moment like this. Tonight, I get the opportunity to introduce the Live production of Grease. The 2016 version .. What does that mean? Too many things to express honestly. But one, that really spurs the heart … There has never been an African American in Grease and while I hate that that’s something to be pointed out, it is! My little brother and sister think differently growing up seeing me do something like this! They will not know it to be any other way in their 14yrs of living! That is REAL!

With a message like that individuals everywhere were tuned into Fox for the live production to see Ms. Keke not only give one heck of a performance but also make history!

Watch all the performances from “Grease Live” below.

Written By: Chante’ Hall


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