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So, what’s the biggest struggle of the winter season? That depends on whom you ask. While the average person will tell you it’s the weather, others will point to their struggle of keeping the excess weight from two major holidays {filled with food} just thirty days apart.  Here are a few tips to carry you through the apple pies, leftovers, holiday dinner parties, Christmas cookies and beyond while maintaining your weight.

Add a little pump to your usual workout. If you’re typical workout session is 30-40 minutes on your favorite machines, then maybe its time to replace one of your gym days with a spin, zumba or a dance class.  In addition to a full body workout, the extra intensity will definitely burn those extra calories.

Take inventory. During the cold and winter months, we tend to we spend more time indoors and under the covers. More importantly, we tend to stock our cabinets with comfort food. As you walk the isles of your grocer, make sure your cart is filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead of the trans fat or added preservatives. Though T V-dinners and microwave ready desserts may seem more appealing or easier, they add unnecessary pounds and actually slow your metabolism. In conclusion, baking in your oven will keep you warm and keep you in shape.

Snack it up. We often underestimate the power of a healthy snack. Believe it or not, every morsel of food contributes to our metabolism. Which in turn, affects our ability to burn fat and lose weight.  If raw carrots and celery sticks aren’t appealing to you, then dig deep and do your research until you find that irresistible healthy snack. (P.S. *Don’t forget to make snack bags for work*)

Spike your water.  A few slices of water-based fruit in your water bottle is the best way to fight those unwanted calories during a long work day. If you happen to be a “serial snacker”, a water bottle with a few slices of cucumber or water melon will be keep your cravings to a minimum. In addition to filling you up, the fruit infused water will keep you hydrated and hit those fat cells where it hurts.

Eat before you go. If your typical holiday season includes tons of invites to fatty food and desserts, make sure to consume a healthy snack or an entire meal before you arrive. By pre-eating, you can control your appetite especially if the table is chock full of cakes and sweets.

Written by Latoya Hoyte

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