Keeping a clean home can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you work full-time and run a household! You may need every bit of extra help in planning you can get. Instead of trying to commit one day to cleaning your home per week, do a little bit each day so that you create a routine system for cleaning in your household. Soon, your entire family will pitch in on the new cleaning system. Here’s how you keep your home clean with just 15 minutes a day.


Mondays already “do the most” and no one wants to add anything extra and annoying to their jammed packed first day of the week. Leave the easiest thing for your Monday; DUSTING! Get to freshening up your dusty areas like tables, lamps, bookcases, and whatever other corners in your home find the most dust. This is an easy thing to keep up with every Monday without feeling like you’re cleaning up.

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TUESDAYS: Bathrooms

You want to go ahead and get this out of the way so that your housemates aren’t using a messy bathroom. Dedicate your 15 minutes to wiping down countertops, cleaning sinks and showers.


Floors are the most annoying of the bunch. Why? Because it seems like it’s never ending! Do your floors on Wednesdays so that you can be done with it early and look forward to the ending of the week. Let’s look at floor day as the Hump Day ritual!


Most of us have a few junk drawers around the house that we all wish to tackle. It’s finally time to do that! Make Thursdays your clutter free day. Sort through all of your mail for the week, trashing everything you don’t need. Doing this weekly will eliminate any piled up trash from living in your home.

FRIDAY: Laundry & Changing Linens

TGIF! You’ve finally made it to Friday! The kids are home for the weekend and it’s time to pile your week’s worth of clothes into the washer. Now is also a good time to change the linens and towels out so that everyone can start their weekend anew.

SATURDAY: Kitchen 

Why save the kitchen for Saturdays? So that everyone can help out! Utilize your free time with the family for all-in effort to clean the kitchen. Have one on dishes, another on cleaning out the refrigerator, while you tackle pantry clutter. Doing this weekly means you will eliminate kitchen clutter and in a timely fashion of 15 minutes!Happy family relaxing on the couch playing video games at home i

In case you’re wondering, there is no Sunday cleaning. Everyone deserves an off day. Practicing these small efforts along with your usual daily cleaning schedule … you are sure keep a clean house!

* Cleaning schedule originally created by Sparkle People

Written By: Triena Deniese, Managing Editor


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