CB & Karreuche Credit: Getty Images (Imeh Akpanudosen)
Karrueche via Karreuche's instagram @karrueche, retrieved 8/3/16
Karrueche via Karreuche’s instagram @karrueche, retrieved 8/3/16

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner began her 19th birthday celebrations with a huge star-studded event at The Nice Guy in Hollywood. As stars filled the venue, paparazzi remained close by to capture every moment. Per usual, TMZ was able to catch up with all of the celebs attending, including Karrueche. While cameras only caught Chris exiting his car and entering the club with Scott Disick, reporters had a much easier time getting Tran to give a far more lasting impression on where their relationship currently stands.

The ex-lovers, who are known for beefing it out via social media, are both friends with Kylie, but haven’t spent much time together since their nasty break-up. Since the world found out about Chris Brown’s then secret daughter, Royalty, things between the two rightfully haven’t been the same.

TMZ reporters caught up with the model/host while she was leaving the venue with reality star, Apryl Jones. During their brief exchange, they asked that one question every woman dreads being asked after a break-up: “How was it hanging out with Chris tonight?” Without any hesitation, Karrueche gave a response filled with so much shade, we know giving things another try isn’t an option.

We know things ended badly between the two, but we were hoping they could at least interact socially for event purposes.

Check out Karrueche’s reaction to Chris being in the building. Word is Karrueche wasn’t aware that he would be attending, and we all know how the whole ex ordeal can be, but was this response a bit much?

Get into the shade below.

Written By Monique Dee

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