Kanye West instagram via @kanyew.est, 8-18-16
Kanye West Instagram via @kanyewest, 8-18-16

Thank You Yeezus!

It has been confirmed that Kanye West will be unveiling Yeezy Season 4 on September 7th, which is the opening day of New York Fashion Week.

Kanye debuted Yeezy Season 3 only six months ago when he sold out the Madison Square Garden and had over 20 million people live stream to hear The Life Of Pablo for the first time.

Unlike most designers who have a set date and time months before the Fashion Week takes place, West does not. Kanye is just being Kanye and says that his event’s time and place will be released at a later date.

Although Kanye has not released the details of an upcoming album, back in February, he did tweet that his next album would be titled Turbo Grafx 16, and it would be dropping this summer.



Maybe Kanye will have another listening event for his new album that is supposed to be released, but you never know with Kanye.

Back at the beginning of August, Yeezus himself did an interview with BBC Radio where he said his dream would be to create $30 Adidas Yeezy sneakers.

“I’m going to Adidas, and I’m like, ‘Adidas, I know you’ve never made a shoe under $50, but we have to make a shoe that costs $30 USD. And I’m gonna wear it–it’s gonna be the coolest shoe of all. To me, this thing I’m saying is the thing I’m most excited about of anything I’ve ever done.

Maybe Yeezy Season 4 will be a line of products we all can afford, but if not, we still look forwards to seeing Kanye’s overpriced items.

Written By:  Marshay Rice



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