Photo by John Ricard/Getty Images Retrieved 6/25/16
Photo Retreieve 7/26/16 via Instagram @meekmill
Photo Retreieve 7/26/16 via Instagram @meekmill

Two teenage boys are trolling the internet after creeping up on Joe Budden, while getting out of his car at his home; catching it on video.

The video shows the two young men following the New Jersey rapper into his driveway. Both boys yell, “This Joe Budden!” as they walk up Budden’s driveway approaching the rapper.

Budden was not in the mood to meet random fans, not to mention, being caught on camera in the process. Joe jumps out of his BMW, wearing a wife beater and began to run after the boys.

The video footage quickly stopped but continued again with a car chase between the teenagers and Budden. In a video that Budden shot, he is following the teenagers while saying to the camera, “I keep saying these little internet games are going to get one of you niggas killed.

Once the car full of teenagers stop, Budden runs up the car saying, “If you come on this fucking block again, Im going to kill one of you little niggas. [] This is not the internet. I will kill one of you,” while banging rocks against the window.

See the video of Joe following teens below:

The boys eventually apologized to Budden in the midst of his yelling. It’s safe to that Joe Budden is not to be messed with.

Social media never falls short when it comes to memes. Check out a few below:


Written By: Adia Taylor


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