While most nine-year-old kids were learning their multiplication tables and riding bicycles outside with friends, Jessica Quinn of New Zealand was learning the very harsh lesson of straddling life and death. After being diagnosed with an aggressive bout with bone cancer, Quinn ultimately lost her leg to the disease, but never seemed to lose her thirst for life.

Photo Credit: Youngandbrave.com
Retrieved: June 11, 2016

Through it all, this remarkable young lady refused to let something like the untimely loss of a limb slow her down. Instead, she vowed to turn her tragedy into triumph. Quinn quickly took her story to social media, in the efforts to be a living testament to others fighting the same battle and on the verge of giving up. Her strategy was a success! Not only has she amassed over 55,000 followers on Instagram, but her website is scheduled to launch in just a few weeks.

You may be curious to know what makes Quinn’s situation any different from anyone else battling cancer. Well, Quinn just so happens to be a professional fashion fitness model.

Photo Credit: “Know Who You and Know It’s Enough.”
Retrieved: June 12, 2016 via Instagram – @jessicaemilyquinn

To the team here at EGL, she is a natural born hero! Quinn is a Nike brand ambassador, a Young and Brave Foundation ambassador, and an all-around bad ass!

Photo credit: When Life Knocks You Down, Get Back Up, Smile and Say, “You Hit Like A B*tch!” Retrieved: June 12, 2016 via Instagram – @jessicaemilyquinn

She is challenging the generalized idea of what it means to not only be a model, but what beauty truly is. Take her Nike campaign, for example. Yes, you see her prosthesis, but you also see abs and delts and every other defined muscle you’d see on any other athlete with two legs.

Quinn has been quoted in saying that she would give her life to end cancer and that no child should ever have to experience it. Her inner strength and grace should serve as a reminder to us all that beauty is not a formula that can be replicated … It comes from being exposed to the worst, while still being able to see and be nothing but the BEST.

Photo credit: “Be Limbitless”
Retrieved: June 12, 2016 via Instagram – @jessicaemilyquinn

Quinn’s story is one of triumph and bravery and if there is one thing we should learn from it, it should be: Misfortune is going to happen, but it shouldn’t stop you from striving to be LIMBitless!

Written By: Lenisa KellyMommy Blogger


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