Jay Z and friends "I Got the Keys" (Photograph). Retrieved 7-22-16 from http://www.rapwave.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/dj-khaled-future-jay-z-i-got-the-keys-video.jpg
Jay Z and friends “I Got the Keys” (Photograph). Retrieved 7-22-16 from http://www.rapwave.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/dj-khaled-future-jay-z-i-got-the-keys-video.jpg

Back in May, insiders revealed that rap icon Jay Z was working on a project, that would explain his side of the story surrounding his rumored troubled 8-year marriage. The long awaited album is closer than we think according to Jermaine Dupri during his chat with Rap Radar.

So So Def CEO Dupri discussed his relationship with the 46-year-old hip-hop mogul with Elliott Wilson. “I know the name of Hov’s new album. It might be done,” he says.

He explained that their relationship was always smooth dating back to the 90’s in Harlem when they worked together on the “Money Ain’t A Thang” track. The Atlanta native claims they have conversations that he’s probably sure he doesn’t have with anyone else.

Watch the excerpt below:

Jay-Z has made appearances and delivered guest verses since his last 2013 album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Recently, after the 2016 BET Awards, Jay-Z appeared on DJ Khaled’s world premier music video “I Got The Keys” off of DJ Khaled’s forthcoming album Major Key. Apparently, there’s still nobody fresher than Hov who can be seen in his iconic all black suit similar to how we remember him on the cover of his 1996 album Reasonable Doubt  – a classic.

He has also appeared on Pusha T’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” the remix to Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s “All the Way Up,” and he recently released a track on Tidal, “Spiritual”, that he’s held on to for some time.  You can listen to “Spiritual” on Tidal here.

The recent shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile was the perfect time to showcase his feeling on the violence in America.

“I made this song awhile ago, I never got to finish it,” Hov wrote on Tidal.

“Punch (TDE) told me I should drop it when Mike Brown died, sadly I told him ‘this issue will always be relevant,’” he continued. “I’m hurt that I knew his death wouldn’t be the last …”

“Blessings to all the families that have lost loved ones to police brutality.”

DJ Khaled quoted that Hov rarely appears on videos and barely shoots his own videos.

“It’s very rare that you see the icon Jay Z. Very rare.”

Do you think Jay-Z’s recent guest appearances are gearing us up for his impending project? Stay tuned in.

Written By: Taylor Bennett


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