Jennifer Lopez's Instagram @jlo, retrieved 3-24-16
Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram @jlo, retrieved 3-24-16

The ongoing beef between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey almost got heated again. An internet prankster hacked into JLo’s and MiMi’s verified twitter accounts, following,  a faux conversation was created that involved Mariah performing in the city of Brussels, post the recent terrorist attacks.

Mariah supposedly tweeted:

“Praying for Brussels. I’ve been strongly warned against performing there on Sunday but have yet to decide. I’ll let my fans know asap.

Lopez’s fictional reply was:

“ISIS only target places where there are lots of people so I think your concert will be ok. Good luck hitting those notes!

Retrieved from on 3-24-16
Retrieved from on 3-24-16

As you can imagine, that super shady tweet went viral immediately.

Although Mariah has shaded JLo plenty of times in the past, Jenny wasn’t letting that tweet slide. She took to twitter to explain what had really happened.

“Someone copied my acct & wrote something nasty about another artist,” she tweeted. “I would never lower myself like that #fake #smallminded #noclass #notme.

JLo's Twitter @jlo, retrieved 3-24-16
JLo’s Twitter @jlo, retrieved 3-24-16

Mariah has yet to respond to any of this commotion.

These two pop singers have had tension with each other since the early 2000’s. There were multiple times when Mariah Carey said she didn’t even know who Jennifer Lopez was.

Maybe this faux twitter converstin will mend the relationship between the two. What do you think? Dish Below!

Written By: Marshay Rice


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