Jay-Z & Hillary Clinton, Instagram via @kodaklens and @HillaryClinton, retrieved 10-25-16
Jay-Z & Hillary Clinton, Instagram via @kodaklens and @HillaryClinton, retrieved 10-25-16

With Election Day less than two weeks away, it seems like now more than ever, celebrities and entertainers are starting to put their imprint on their favorite candidate—mainly by hitting the campaign trail and throwing concerts in support.

Jay-Z hasn’t spoken much during this campaign season, but now as the countdown gets closer and early voting has begun, the hip-hop mogul is throwing his support behind Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Mr. Carter is lending his star power to headline a concert in Cleveland in honor of Secretary Clinton sometime before Election Day.

The event is reportedly part of an ongoing series of concerts that specifically targets young black voters (a huge electoral demographic) to turn out for Clinton—much like how voters turned out for current President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

 Jay-Z is no stranger to politics, as he and Beyonce have openly supported Barack Obama in both of his campaign stints. The father of one participated in PSAs and even did a concert with singer Bruce Springsteen—financed by the Democrats—to help send voters to polling stations across the nation.

Though no specific details have been given on the concert yet, Jay-Z isn’t the only one participating. Both Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry are also holding concerts in support of Clinton in Miami, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia over the next couple of weeks.

Early voting has begun in many states in the East Coast and according to many media sites; democratic voters are leading the trail.

 Clinton has had a stable amount of celebrities on the trail with her including Tracee Ellis Ross, Miley Cyrus, and even John Legend. Jay-Z is very influential in the hip-hop community and his endorsement could help Hillary Clinton make history as the first female President.

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Written By: Jnelle Belle

Twitter: @JnelleOnAIr


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