Young Joc [Photograph]. Retrieved via on 8-29-16

Another day another slew of memes, right? These days, if you haven’t had memes made about you, are you really even famous? Well, if those are the rules we’re obeying by now, then Young Joc is like super famous at the moment. We all know Joc from “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” as of lately, but you may also remember him from his hit “It’s Going Down” back in the day. Wherever you know Joc from, right now he is known for nothing more than his new hairdo! A photo hit the internet of Joc with an unknown lady by his side, and it looks like they both just left the salon and came to SLAY honey!

Young Joc was sporting what looked to be a relaxer, with a side part, and a swoop laid for the gawds! And don’t forget his sun glasses, and a facial expression that totally says “I am killing it right now.”

Needless to say, the internet had a field day and the memes are endless! Some are taking the jokes a little more serious saying that if he were of a lighter skin tone it would be okay being that people like Chris Brown, Jidenna, and Miguel have sported similar dos in the past with no backlash, calling it “colorism.” Young Joc even made a video defending himself basically saying you guys keep talking, while he keeps winning. He throws out an idea that maybe he’s doing it for a movie role. He also suggests that maybe he just didn’t want to be a follower and chose to do something different because it would get people talking. He ends the video saying “and I still will take your b!tch.”

So there we have it folks! Check out the memes below! It’s all in good fun.
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Written By:  Rahkiya Brown


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