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Photo Credit: [untitled photo of hands]. (N.D.) Retrieved June 23, 2016 from
A traditional tribe consists of several generations of family, inclusive of elders of different ages. The rearing of the children is deliberate and precisely orchestrated. Children are often found sitting at the feet of these elders, soaking in much wisdom and knowledge. Society has evolved in so many areas but unfortunately we have gotten away from some necessities that are essential to the development of our children. While we know that it is absolutely necessary to make money to survive, we can not allow paper chasing to supersede our main objective of being there for our children. Therefore in instances where they have to be away from us, we have to have others that will willingly help.

Who is the village?

The village is includes anyone who intimately connects and interacts with your child. Friends usually joke amongst themselves saying, “If you see my child acting up, you know what to do”! The village no longer just consists of immediate family but also now extends to the community at large.

How important is the village?

Parents are not omnipresent beings and it is impossible to know what your child is up to at all time, and this is where the village steps in. No single person knows it all or can speak to everything their child does or says. There should not be a lost child in a community where others know and connect with each other. And if the child falls off the right track, the village should be there to lift and bring them right back to where they should be. The village doesn’t gossip about the wrong doings of the child or criticize the parent for the child’s behavior, but rather, rallies together behind them and lends their support.

In small populations, the chances of personally knowing the staff at school, or the grocery store attendants or the local youth organization leaders are more than likely by default. If you’re not fortune enough in this area, make yourself known to those that will interact with your child everyday.

It’s not a parent’s ultimate mission in life to spy on their kids. We want to trust them and make sure that they are always safe. The village will always look out for your child and help to guide them. Remember, one successful life takes many shoulders to stand on and in this instance, many hands sweeten the pot.

Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic.


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