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A man who likes a woman will want to treat her nice when she asks for things, but especially if she doesn’t. Some dudes hold onto their cash with a vice grip while others spend freely. Some will spend on gifts but never hand over cash. Some throw a gold digger label on any woman who asks for anything! How do you figure out which type of dude you have and when it’s appropriate to start expecting a new boo to treat you to tricks and treats?

All women have different wants, needs and desires. And all men have a different opinion of what their role as your boo, bae, etc., entails. Some men hand over their credit cards and buy cars and pay rent/mortgage for their woman. Some men buy an occasional bouquet of flowers and might pay for hair and nails. Some won’t do anything unless asked, and others will surprise you often. Ultimately, men know how much they value you and will do what’s in their power (and pockets) to show you that.



Instagram user @regular_rich had this to say: “I give gifts if I feel a person deserves it; monetary or physical. Doesn’t have to be my lady, we could just be friends with benefits or just f***ing, period. That’s just me, I’m a giving person.” When asked how he felt about his lady asking for hair and/or nail money, he said, “That’s regular. You could just be talking about needing your nails done and I would ask, ‘How much that cost,’ then I’d just send the money on the low or something.”

However, @HClass said, “Some dudes aren’t getting enough to be trickin’ and some are and are just stingy. It all depends on how much he wants the girl and how bad he wants to keep her. I show love but I don’t do it to get or keep a woman. Men are doomed doing that. But I will say asking is a turn off. You come off needy.”

Two men, two different opinions.

Most women dream of a hopeless romantic who’s going to shower them with extravagant gifts and love letters and weekly flower deliveries. But the reality is, life is expensive! We’re all out here trying to live the best version of our lives, and anything that anyone does for you is a gift and a blessing because, well, they didn’t have to do it. Designer gifts and expensive trips may not be in his budget, but if he cares about you, he’ll show you in all the ways he can.

You just have to figure out what works for you and yours. Gifts and money are nice but love and respect are more important. Also, taking care of your lover is a two-way street. Men like to feel loved and appreciated as well. There’s no right or wrong time or way to figure out what type of dude he is. You should see it in the interactions you have daily. You’ll know what bae is dishing out and if it’ll work for you in the long run.


Written by: Ayana Conry

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