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Being with someone for a long time can expose all sorts of secrets and habits that were held back at the start of the relationship. Eventually, comfort sets in, and everyone sees each other for who they truly are. There may be some things you might want to keep to private, but how do you do that when you want to be honest?

Garcia, T. (Author). (2012). Woman At ATM [Photo], Retrieved December 18, 2015, from
Garcia, T. (Author). (2012). Woman At ATM [Photo], Retrieved December 18, 2015, from
One of these things could be your personal financial information. Taking turns providing things for one another is completely fine, but no matter how much you trust someone, there may be a day you realize that your partner isn’t as trustworthy as he or she seems (especially when emotions are involved). Not to put failure in the air, but God forbid your relationship goes sour and your former lover has all of your personal financial information. To avoid this, you can start a fund for the both of you so everyone has equal accountability and limitations, if necessary.

Another thing you may want to keep to yourself are some of those past mistakes you wish you could take back. Everyone has a past and yours might include a few things you aren’t too proud of. While it is fine to be open and share these things with your partner, if you’re that bothered by them, you may want to skip the extra details. Your acknowledgment of whatever occurred and the lessons learned are enough. You obviously want to be a better person for yourself and for your partner, so allow your attention to be on your growth more than anything else.

While being able to be completely open on every end with your partner may be ideal, it is true that some people would prefer to not know or expose certain things to their significant other. For people who are a little more cautious about letting their hair all the way down in their relationship, there are always alternative options that will still maintain the openness of the relationship.

Written By: Essence Mason


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