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No one wants their heart broken and sometimes your connection with someone feels easy from the start. Sometimes you just want to show all you have to offer because it feels natural, but the thought of being disappointed discourages you. Moving gradually may be the best way to move when starting something new.

Negative instances from the past can definitely discourage you from wanting to give yourself to anyone in future relationships. However, the one thing you want to do no matter what, even before you get to the gradual part, is be yourself. Whether the new person ends up being right or wrong for you, at least you can say you’ve been your honest self. Anything else would probably send a vibe that is less inviting. If you want to eventually have love in your life, you have to be open to receiving it.

Suppose you’re actually dealing with a genuine person. You don’t want to shut them out of certain aspects of your life, completely. Talking about your past and other issues that are important to you in a brief manner allows the person the opportunity to get to know a little about you, without you seeming completely vulnerable. The best thing to do is to take your time, give them the chance to express their personal feelings and opinions, and see if they’re willing to open up a bit. You can probably sense when someone is being on-the-surface with you. Use your best judgment. That sincere openness is where the both of you can begin to connect on a deeper level without you regretting it.

You want to make sure you’re getting as much as you’re giving when you begin to open up. You also want to make sure that regardless of the end result, you can say to yourself that you gave what you could in an attempt to make it work. Sincerity, honesty and trusting in your judgment will eventually lead you to the person worth keeping around.

Written By: Essence Mason


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