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While any man can father a child, it takes a special type of man to stay the course. Not only are they great at caring for their children but they are also exceptional disciplinarians when mama is tired of being the villain. Fathers are more interactive that ever before and the women in their lives are promoting them to be as hands-on as possible because of the importance of having a father in their lives.

Women are fulfilling more professional goals and entrepreneurial endeavors than ever before, which leaves many dads to manage the household. Some days, Dad might be asked to style the kids hair, make a pop-up visit at another child’s soccer game and prepare dinner all while running on 20 minutes of sleep. But most of them can handle it quite well.

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[Father and son]. Retrieved June 7, 2016. From https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a7/35/37/a73537c7f9832e20cf279d2866e4ce0c.jpg
Dads are capable parents that need a just as much support as mothers and should be given the same respect in the decision-making process and development of their children. Building a bond with your kids early on leads to healthy communication as teens and young adults. They are more comfortable as time go on and will learn to trust your plans for them.

Little girls often learn to adore their father early on for their love and affection, and little boys will be sure to try to follow in dad’s footstep in mimicking his every move. That’s why it’s critical to for dads to be interactive parents. They should ask questions, make a fuss and show they care because their children will one day thank him for it.

These little princesses will one day be queens looking for the same qualities in traits in a man that their fathers possess. If that’s not scary enough, just think of how soon that time will come! Kids aren’t kids forever and while many are very impressionable, those days don’t last forever. Time waits for no one, so it is necessary for fathers to solidify their position in their children’s life and help mold them into beautiful human beings.

Written By: Tamara U. Butler


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