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As the connection between two people grows, we tend to become more attracted to one another physically faster than we are mentally, for some odd reason. What if we were inclined to build a spiritual connection first? Would the relationship stand a chance?

[A Couple Reading A Bible Together]. Retrieved January 20, 2016. https://www.lightstock.com/photos/a-couple-reading-a-bible-together-79bab258-3b7a-4d2c-bea4-844455f4ac47

With social media at our fingertips, people are more accessible than ever. The goal is to ignore what society throws our way and find what works well for us. Although relationships are different than the days in which our grandparents were courting, traditional values are still the foundation of a rewarding relationship. Just like a plant must be nurtured and watered, so does a relationship and time will undoubtedly strengthen those bonds.

Ensuring a monogamous relationship not only means pleasing your significant other intimately but feeding them spiritually. Women need to be sure that they come to the table with the same requirements they have for the men they seek. Be realistic with the standards that you have and make sure the goals are attainable. Being unrealistic is the fastest way to end a relationship but becoming in tune with someone on all levels is a blessing in itself.

If practiced consistently, faith can lead you to a prosperous place in your personal and spiritual relationships. There will be critical topics to discuss with your partner before you invest in them spiritually, financially and emotionally. For example, do you and your partner share the same values? Are you moving toward marriage? What are the biblical guidelines for a relationship? How important is having a family? Are you willing to let the Holy Spirit lead you?

Sometimes, our faith can lead us on paths that are unimaginable. When we put God at the center of our relationship, we learn to obey first and to build on our personal relationship second. We must remember not to allow lust to lead us.

With loves comes self-control so be content with the plans that God has for you. Set limitations and obey them. There are some ways to enjoy your significant other without the distraction of intimacy. Find ways to get to know them, love them and have patience with them. Spend quality time together, pray and communicate with one another and grow as one.

Written By: Tamara U. Butler


  1. This article is phenomenal and hit right at home for many women out here in the world. I know we all want that ideal man, and we seek mere perfection sometimes we do not posses within ourselves. In this society we want the ideal man, but what about being an “ideal” woman, mother or Queen. I know that we all deserve what we shall want, but I am a firm believer that with God first ALL things are possible! Thank you Ms. Butler and EGL for bringing this light to the table. I loved every word.


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