Claudia Jordan is making her way back to your television screen as a co-host on the new daytime talk show, “The Raw Word.” And no, this is not your average talk show. Instead of discussing topics like How to Take the Perfect Selfie, this show dives deep into politics, relationships, social issues and race. There will also be celebrity guests, including Amber Rose, Nipsey Hussle, Jerry Springer, Don Cheadle and more.

“The Raw Word” is a great mix of entertainment and human interest stories. Host and best-selling author Michael Eric Dyson will definitely spark conversation as he brings controversial topics to the table and psychologist and pain management expert Dr. Dan Ratner will be able to offer some diverse insight. If that wasn’t enough, Claudia has a segment on the show that’s geared towards women and the issues we face daily.

We recently got a chance to chat with Claudia. Read on as she dishes on what makes “The Raw Word” unique, her upcoming films and her message to women.

Ericka: You’re the co-host of the new daytime talk show “The Raw Word.” Tell us more about the show.

Claudia: It’s a dream job for me. To get a show where you can be enlightened, be inspired, I can laugh, I can be entertained by, find endearing—I love it. We cover real topics. One episode we talk about men getting sneak vasectomies behind goal diggers’ backs, so they wouldn’t be able to get trapped, and that’s a growing trend. We have game shows with kids. It’s a talk show with a heart and a conscience. We have Michael Eric Dyson. He’s a genius. We have Dr. Dan Ratner. He’s a pain specialist. It’s a great group of guys and people we’re working with.

Ericka: That leads me to my next question. What makes “The Raw Word” different from other daytime talk shows?

Claudia: There’s two black hosts and one white guy. We’re unapologetically black on the show, and it’s not where we have to dumb it down or watch our views. We have the freedom to speak on things. We talked about Black Lives Matter yesterday…and some of the inconsistencies in America media with how a group like Black Lives Matter [is portrayed]. They’re speaking up for rights of people who are oppressed and mistreated and how the difference is when color comes into play, and that’s something we can’t ignore. I love working alongside Michael Eric Dyson because he’s such an expert on all those things, and he’s so eloquent. Dr. Dan Ratner is emphatic and sympathetic and there’s things he doesn’t get as a white man, and he’s okay with that. He doesn’t run from it. He wants to learn and he wants to know more. I think that he represents a segment of the population that sees things that are going on and wants to know how they can be more of an assistance, how they can help and how they can be more sympathetic to the cause.

We don’t talk Trump, but we talk about issues. We’re not on a black network, and we’re able to embrace our blackness on the show. I love that.

Ericka: You’re definitely on your grind. What other projects do you have in the works?

Claudia: I have a few films coming out. There’s one called The List, and it’s directed by Dame Dash. It’s a psychological thriller. [I’m working with] Brian White and Columbus Short, and it’s super sexy and you’re going to be like ‘Whoa Claudia Jordan.’ I don’t know if I want my mom to see it, but it’s super edgy. We’re about to start working on another film that deals with police brutality and a mom who loses her son and husband to the police and how she gets revenge.

I have my wine company Just Peachy. I own part of the company. It’s a peach flavored sparking wine. It’s available at Cost Plus stores. It’s kind of a tribute to my time as an Atlanta housewife and having a peach.

My makeup Celfie Cosmetics is growing. We’re over in Africa. My business partner Nicole…we’re all black-owned, 100 percent. We have long lasting matte lipsticks that stay on for 12 hours, glittery eyeshadows, we have a contour kit coming out soon and mascara. We’re starting off in Africa. We’re in Kenya and we just got picked up in Uganda, so we’re growing overseas. You would think that in Africa they would have more makeup for black women, but I’ve gotten a lot of calls and emails saying that [they] still need more choices [there].

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Ericka: It’s Women’s History Month! What’s your advice to women?

Claudia: I just need us to start embracing each other’s success and know that there’s room for all of us and that another woman’s success does not mean you’re failing. We don’t have to knock the next woman down to feel better about ourselves. I mean if someone is acting out of pocket, they deserve to be checked or you can acknowledge what they’re doing wrong, but we have to stop this going on blogs being negative, hating on someone we never met, spreading rumors and lies that we know are not true. Like I said, the truth is one thing, but I think sometimes the way the system is set up is kind of designed  for us to go at each other and be catty. They always tell us the ratio of women to men is so high, and you’re not going to get one so we attack the next woman to bring her down and we have to stop doing that. Embrace your sisters and your fellow women. We all know the struggles that we all have to deal with like not getting paid the same, sometimes being oppressed when it comes to our careers and the glass ceiling, so let’s just have more sisterhood.

What a great message! Be sure to follow Claudia on Instagram @claudiajordan (she loves to interact with her followers) and tune into “The Raw Word” every day. Click here for your local listings.

Written By: Ericka Smith, News Editor

IG: @iam_erickasmith


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