This time of year, it’s all about Summer wardrobe updates on the latest trends from models, to celebrities and bloggers.

So, what are the best colors for summer 2018?

We have been lucky to collaborate with several designers over the past weeks and get to share with you an interview with one of the designers. Her designs fit perfectly within this summer article!

First Up… Most popular summer colours

It seems that this year the most popular colors are either really out there, bold colors or really light pale nudes, not really an in-between it’s either or:



Items that have been popular here in London, especially on bloggers have been front buttoned up shirt dresses. For example, this gorgeous long Red patchwork dress by Zara. With the front button detail, it can also be worn as a cardigan.

Zara Patchwork Dress

Mango currently has an off-white buttoned dress with movable fabric that flows and hangs just right. It is completely sleeveless for those summer days, with a V-neck dip and a button fastening. 

Mango Button Down Dress


Interview with Tal Angel

EGL: Tal, so lovely to be able to talk to you and get you to tell us about yourself and your history and how you got to where you are today?

Tal Angel: I am a graduate of Parson’s school of design in NYC and Paris. I have currently been the leading designer of the Israeli lifestyle brand Bikaleh for the past 18 years and have launched my own new brand of textile accessories in 2016.

EGL: That sounds wonderful, congratulations firstly. But also, can you tell us a little bit more about the design in terms of material and the whole idea behind it?

TA: My current collection of scarves is original and a unique design statement, digitally printed on 100% extra fine silk and carefully finished. My rich imagery is printed on the finest quality silk fabric, offering a product of unique value and exquisite quality, combining the softness and delicacy of the silk with the best and upcoming digital printing technologies.

EGL: What are your goals from here?

TA: My goal is to create timeless collections using my own vision and skills as an artist, deriving my own inspirations from my love for nature and fascination with materials and textures. Integrating past and present into my work, enveloping memories and dreams into my visual language, combining high-end photography with my unique drawing skills.

EGL: This is so beautiful I can see the amount of passion and inspiration you have for this just by the way this is being projected. It’s such a beautiful pure thing to see hands-on from a designer! Please tell us more about your current collections?

TA: So, I have the flower collection which are Ancient flower drawings combined with bright and luminous colors and original hand-drawn designs.

The Art Nouveau Collection which are serene patterns inspired by the curved lines of plants and flowers are brought back to life with a fresh interpretation, glowing with vibrant colors and printed on voluptuous pure silk.

The Fantasy Collection which is all about bringing the old into the new… combining the handmade with the digital… creating a new playful world of colors and forms, inspired by a book given to me by my grandmother.

The Line drawing Collection that is a hand-drawn collection filling the negative space of objects with a line pattern resembling a wavy organic texture that makes the image float on a mysterious organic substance.

The Photographic Collection which was a collaboration with my husband and the photographs capture the moments of light carving the different forms and textures out of the dark, bringing those peaceful moments of beauty to create a unique and striking collection, digitally printed on luxurious crepe-silk fabric.

Then Lastly, we have The Nuno – Felt Collection which is A series of black and white geometrically-patterned silk shawls, along with a group of cheerfully colored striped silks.

Written by: Phoebe Lourdes @phoebelourdes


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