Throughout the past two seasons, we have grown to love different characters in the hit show Insecure directed by Issa Rae. With season 3 returning next week, we have notated some things we would like to see in this season. These past two seasons have taught us that money won’t make you feel secure and neither does a man! Let’s face it, we can all relate to each character. Sometimes we have ruined a good thing and sometimes we have looked for love in all of the wrong places. Some may not agree with this next statement but the truth of the matter is that most women have found themselves in a situation that they just couldn’t resist. You know that old lover who pops up ever so often and you feel like that was supposed to be your soulmate but life says no or maybe not right now? The fact that each character can be found in a single individual is what keeps our attention. Season 3 will be nothing short of amazing and here five things that we are looking forward to:

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  1. Love

Out of all of the characters, we are looking forward to Molly putting her hoe card away and actually finding love. For some reason, we believe that this might be hopeful wishing but we can dream. After all, maybe she will have a come to Jesus moment with herself and realize that she deserves more than being a professional side chick. Molly isn’t the only love story we are rooting for because apart of us feels like Issa and Lawrence should make their way back to each other. Your first love is usually the hardest to get over and regardless if they move on, somehow they will find their way back in a love triangle. Whether it’s Issa Rae or Molly we are sure that romance will be in the picture.

2. Wealth

It’s time for Issa Rae to do what she loves. Life is too short to spend time doing anything that you’re not passionate about. Living check to check is depressing and we are ready for Issa to boss up. Right now her life is in shambles, she has sabotaged her own life and it looks as if she’s losing but the perfect way to boss up on your ex is to really boss up. Get your life together, go after the job you want and live your best life for real.



Nothing screams a good sitcom like drama, we are ready for Molly and Drew to be exposed. These two are connected because of a long history. They’re really good friends that probably should’ve been lovers from the get-go. Maybe drew will leave his wife for Molly or maybe their friendship will be torn forever. Some lines should never be crossed and this is one that should’ve remained untouched.


4. Vulnerability

It would be nice to understand more about Issa Rae and see her in a vulnerable place. Considering the fact that she has basically lost everything; seeing a different side of her would be interesting.


5. Raps

My pussy is broken was a hit song, lol! The fact that Issa Rae is this gangster rapper in her head is beyond funny. It would be nice to hear and see her perform more of her hit records but not at her friend’s expense.

Like many insecure fans, we can’t wait for season 3 to return next week and we are looking forward to crying, laughing and rooting for each character. Who knows love might find them after all and Issa Rae might even BOSS up and become this mogul rapper, either way, it’s going to be dope! Oh Yeah, we are definitely wondering whether or not Jay Ellis is returning!

Written by: Johnakeshia, Modern Domestic, Staff Writer

Instagram: Johnakeshia


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