Ramsey, an indie electronic artist, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles, has released a new, one-of-a-kind single called Love Surrounds You. With a unique and grungy voice, yet somewhat soulful, Ramsey sings about just what the song implies, love surrounding us at every angle and in every way.

Credit: https://girlundergroundmusic.com/2016/01/16/discover-los-angeles-experimental-beauty-ramsey/ [Retrieved: 1/13]
She takes full advantage of her producing chops for this song, utilizing the music board efficiently to create an electronic futuristic sound, one not usually associated with songs about love. But with this combination, Ramsey creates a fresh approach to R&B with heavy metal and tech influences.

PopWrapped.com described Ramsey as “something very different in a ocean of carbon copy musicians looking to strike celebrity gold. Intent on moving people into a raw and emotional space, Ramsey uses her distinct and vulnerable vocal style to reach through to the hearts of her listeners.”

Ramsey is currently working on her forthcoming debut album that she has been working on since 2014. She began posting music to her Soundcloud in early
2016 and went on to become a fixture in tastemaker blogs after amassing 2.4 million streams in just four months.

Her track See You Bleed was originally posted to Soundcloud in February 2016 and quickly climbed the charts, reaching #197 on the worldwide Digital Radio Tracker.

We can’t wait to hear Ramsey’s debut album and experience all that she has in store. Listen to Love Surrounds You here.

Written By: Chey Parker, Editor-in-Chief


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