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Unless you’re a member of the Cullen family (“Twilight”), having a sexual relationship with a family member is considered incest by majority of the world. We all know that the idea of kissing cousins isn’t popular or favored in society for various reasons, but it seems as if the act is no longer being hidden and is making its way to the spotlight. A New Mexico mother Monica Mares, 36, has made public her romantic relationship with her 19 year old son, Caleb Peterson. Oddly, the couple hasn’t suffered much scrutiny. Instead, there’s an explanation being provided for both Mares and Peterson’s behavior. Psychologists have coined the term genetic sexual attraction (GSA) to explain why the relationship between Mares and Peterson took place, and it also explains the many other similar cases.

According to Wikipedia, genetic sexual attraction is defined as, “Incest between close relatives, such as siblings or half-siblings, a parent and offspring, or first and second cousins, who first meet as adults. Genetic sexual attraction is presumed to occur as a consequence of genetic relatives meeting as adults, typically as a consequence of adoption.” Scientists basically argue that because Mares and Peterson weren’t raised together, they missed an important part of early development known as the Westermarck effect, which is a reverse sexual imprinting that takes place to prevent sexual attraction amongst relatives. While a lot were accepting of this, the other half of society immediately screamed that incest and GSA is the same thing.

“Genetic sexual attraction is just a fancy word for incest,” said Marley, 30, from Chicago. He went further to state, “There’s no real evidence to back this claim. This is what they do, they throw some scientific-sounding word at us and expect us to forget that this is incest, and it’s wrong. This study is pseudoscience, and I’m not going to believe it.”

It does seem pretty odd that this term just emerges and instantly becomes popular, doesn’t it? According to Wikipedia, the term was coined in the 1980’s, but society during that time period definitely wasn’t as accepting of abnormalities as it is now. People are now more free spirited, and encourage one another to love whomever they please, as we’ve already seen with the acceptance of homosexual relationships/marriages. Love who you love seems like great words of wisdom, but this belief leads to acts that will upset many different groups, especially spiritual/religious and political. They don’t find it funny, and in a few years there may even be hate groups against genetic sexual attraction. Participating in incest is also illegal in all 50 states (with some exceptions in Rhode Island, Ohio and New Jersey), and pushing the GSA envelope on society will upset law makers, and may even change the structure of laws that have been enforced for centuries. What’s your view on GSA? Is it a valid excuse for incest?

Written By:  Kahina Ray

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