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Romantic couples break up for several reasons, but some ex’s are able to remain friends afterwards. However, sometimes the new girlfriend cannot stand this and will do whatever it takes to turn your relationship with your ex upside down. After putting the pieces together and realizing what his new girlfriend is trying to do, is the friendship, with your ex really worth saving? Here are a few points to consider.

Stan (Author). (2012). Couple Arguing [Photo], Retrieved January 8, 2016, from
Stan (Author). (2012). Couple Arguing [Photo], Retrieved January 8, 2016, from
Some women will do anything to protect their relationship. This is especially true when it involves her lover’s ex. She might pull all the stops trying to break up your friendship, including lying and attempting to block communication between you and him. This can become problematic down the road, and can only lead to increased tension between the three of you. You may very well get defensive in this situation, simply wanting to protect yourself while salvaging a friendship that you value, but you have to decide whether the relationship is worth the headache.

It all comes down to what you want (and are getting) out of the friendship. Does this friendship put you in a good space? Is your ex the sounding board that you’ve always needed, and/or the voice of reason that you’ve never had? Do you two really have a valuable friendship that you know will stand the test of time? If your answer is yes and you feel like things are worth fighting for, consider that you have to be willing to take the chance of (possibly) looking like a fool if he chooses his relationship over your friendship.

The chemistry might still exist. As crazy as your ex’s new girlfriend might seem, she may actually sense that the chemistry between the two of you is undeniable. If the mere thought of that chemistry puts a smile on your face, she might be on to something, and there might actually be lingering feelings. If this is the case, this may not be the right time to combat her. At the end of the day, you and your ex need to handle any remaining feelings for one another so that you both can move forward. If either you or ex are hiding behind the “friendship” to keep each other around, you both need to be honest with yourselves.

Knowing how to deal with your ex’s new girlfriend not liking you has everything to do with what you want from your relationship with him. Knowing this will either help to withstand any actions formed against you or will let you know when it’s time to leave it all alone.

Written By: Essence Mason


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