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Iggy Azalea is not letting a break up or a delayed album slow down her hustle. The Australian rapper expanded her brand beyond music and fashion and signed a deal with UniversalNBC as an Executive Producer with her production company.

Azalea St. Productions, named after the street that Iggy grew up on in Australia as well as the inspiration behind her stage name, will be able to create original scripted content for the company. The kind of content to be created has not yet been revealed. The rapper took to Instagram to announce the news showing her logo: a pic that contains a two-way street sign alongside the contracts signed by her with her real name Amethyst Kelly and UniversalNBC’s VP of Business Affairs, Demondre Edwards.



The caption reads:

Also! Wanted to share with everyone that my production company Azalea Street” has just signed on to create original content for UniversalNBC! So guys, I’m an Executive Producer for at least a few years to come! Hopefully many! Lots of scripted series in the works! Lots of interesting ideas! I’ve been working on this for a long time now and can’t wait to share more info with you soon.#careerwoman #girlplansgodLaughs”

Despite the controversy surrounding Iggy’s role in the Hip Hop world, the break up with her longtime fiancee’ NBA player Nick Young and the announcement of him expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend Keonna Green, Iggy has been able to work through the enduring pain and public embarrassment and make some pretty big boss moves.

While we’re waiting on what’s to come from Azalea’s production company, we’re all wondering when Digital Distortion is going to hit the stores.

Congratulations to Iggy on her new deal!


Written By: Jnelle Belle


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