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We all know the saying, if a man cheated on her, he’ll cheat on you too. We also hear that you’ll lose him in the exact way that you got him. Yet, still we believe that we can beat the odds and bust the myth. Here are some things to consider when answering the age-old question: If he cheated with me, will he cheat on me?

Man Proposing To Woman [Photo], Retrieved January 3, 2016, from
Man Proposing To Woman [Photo], Retrieved January 3, 2016, from
For some men, change comes with time. A man might enter into a new relationship with you and not be ready to fully commit. His decision to stay faithful or not may have nothing to do with you, but more with the fact that he still has some play days left in him. He could like you and might have chosen you over his ex, but if he isn’t ready to settle down, you can’t make him.

Player or not, his lack of commitment has nothing to do with it. Perhaps his focus cannot be placed on you alone because there are other aspects in his life that aren’t where he wants them to be. Continuous exploration of his options may be a reflection of the lack of balance in his life at the time. Despite his feelings for you, he may be unable to become fully committed to anyone until everything else he wants for himself begins to fall into place.

Just because he cheated before doesn’t mean he’ll cheat again. Some men make mistakes in past relationships and realize that they actually are ready to commit. Your man might have learned overtime that he lost something with his ex that could’ve been good, and this might be what makes him decide to give more of himself to his relationship with you.

The reason why a man may or may not change his cheating ways for you might have less to do with you than you think. A man has to be fully ready to commit and this readiness may come with time, understanding, or achieving certain goals in his life. He may have chosen you while he was with his ex, but what happens after that ultimately depends on him…not you.

Written By: Essence Mason


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