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As we grow older, we meet new people and form new bonds and relationships. Somewhere down the line, not all of these relationships will work out. Despite these experiences, we still tend to associate ourselves with relationships that are no good for us. We see the signs but don’t pay attention to them like we should. These are called toxic relationships.

Toxic is another word for harmful, malicious, or just plain ol’ no good. Today’s new age of technology and social media practically glorifies toxicity like it’s the new thing. One major sign of identifying whether or not you’re in a toxic relationship is narcissistic behavior. Narcissism was originally derived from Greek mythology, ultimately revealing one’s egotistic admiration or idealization of one’s self. A narcissistic person is all about themselves and themselves only–a taker rather than a giver.

Keep in mind, the signs are always there. If you’re ever unsure about toxic relationships or whether or not toxicity is present within your relationship, just ask yourself these questions:


  • How does this person make you feel?
  • Are you constantly feeling judged?
  • Is this person manipulative?
  • Is this person self-absorbed?
  • Do you trust being around this person alone?
  • Are you gaining or losing something from being with this person?
  • Does this person cause unnecessary issues to you and your daily lifestyle?
  • Do you find yourself constantly sad or emotionally distraught when dealing or interacting with this person?


If you’re answering these questions with “yes,” it may be time to rethink your current situation. Don’t let the people in your life cost you your peace! Take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Don’t sleep on yourself!


Written By: Daion Stanford

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  1. Wow this was so helpful thank you so much I had to screenshot the questions for my next relationship, because my past one was yes to all of them and that’s so sad to say!


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