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Get your Eve dolls out, ladies because Tyra Banks just announced that Life Size 2 will premiere in 2018. On top of taking over “America`s Got Talent,” Tyra dished exclusive details about the movie on the red carpet of the 2017 Freeform Upfront.

She told TV Guide that the highly anticipated film will “be a little more real.” Tyra will be the star of the film playing Eve, the life size fabulous Barbie doll, and she also helped executive produce the film. Tyra shared that it is was her mother who told her to do the sequel.

The supermodel also revealed that Eve will be edgy and more mature.

‘We did three or four versions and then finally, we were like: “You know what? Eve has grown up now. Let’s not do a kiddie movie,” she said.

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As to specifics of what’s happening now, Tyra told TV Guide: The script is being written right now so even I don’t know 100 percent, but it’s definitely going to be like: “Oh my God Eve does WHAT? Cover your eyes!

However, there’s no confirmation on whether or not Lindsay Lohan will be playing Casey. If you 90s’ babies remember, Casey (Lohan) was gifted Eve—the Barbie doll—who came to life and ended up being her best friend. At the end of the original Disney movie, Eve returned back to a doll and was kept in a safe place by Casey and her dad. With Tyra teasers, we just can’t wait to see what Eve is up to now.

The movie will premiere on Freeform in December 2018.

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