Recent photos published by Fox News and Daily News of former “The Cosby Show” actor Geoffrey Owens bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s has sparked a big debate about classism. Shortly after being published, it didn’t take long for the job-shaming to begin.

Photo Retrieved 9/10/18- via Twitter

Owens, who’s well known for his character Elvin Tibideaux, has been employed at the grocery store for 15 months to make ends meet between gigs. The actor said that he was devastated by the pictures at first but received an overwhelming amount of support.

“It’s been surreal,” Owens said on Good Morning America. It’s been nonstop contact and emails, phone calls, texts and interviews. It’s actually bizarre, a lot of fun though.

Photo Retrieved 9/10/18 via NBC

The woman who snapped the photos of Owens bagging groceries, Karma Lawrence, said that she regrets taking the photos and in an interview with, apologized for her job shaming.

“I would tell him, I am extremely, extremely apologetic about what has happened.” said Lawrence. “And if I could take it back, I would.”

Owens received an outpouring amount of love from fans across the world including a job offer from television and film maker, Tyler Perry.

Photo Received 9/10/18 – via Twitter

The Oprah Winfrey Network has confirmed that Geoffrey Owens has accepted Tyler Perry’s offer and will appear in 10 episodes on the upcoming season of Tyler Perry’s popular series, “The Haves and the Have Nots.”

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Written By: Plychette Montgomery


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