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Roughly a year after talks of making money moves led “Bodak Yellow” to the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Cardi reunited with J. White Did It, the producer of the track, this time to talk about her love of money, and the luxurious lifestyle her income has afforded her….on her latest single, “Money.”

retrieved via instagram @cardib

On the record, Cardi raps with the semi-melodic flow, aggression and New York swag that made “Bodak Yellow” pop. She touches on her natural attitude for flexing (I was born to flex/Diamonds on my neck), boasts about the perks of being rich (I’m Dasani with the drip/Baby mommy with the clip/Walk out Follie’s with a bitch/Bring a thottie to the whip), reminds us that she’s always ready to pop (Bitch, I will pop on your pops /Bitch, I will pop on whoever) and shares some of the things she enjoys all while making it clear that nothing takes precedence over money….well except her daughter, Kulture.

Cardi doesn’t shy away from her newfound motherhood on the track. Aside from the direct shoutout (But nothing in this world that I like more than Kulture), she mentions her child being the impetus behind her desire for more money (I got a baby, I need some money, yeah/I need cheese for my egg). In fact, despite her multiple sources of income, Cardi was recently one of the many customers waiting to see if her lottery ticket would lead her to winning some mega-millions.

When a fan tweeted, “@iamcardib don’t need to win no mega million she got all #money she needs ?????????????????????,” Cardi quickly responded, “BITCH WHO SAID THATDONT jinks my ticket!.”

“Money” is the first single to come out post Cardi’s pregnancy and release of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. It is currently available on all streaming services. Listen below!

Written By: Sweenie Nicole


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