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Working from home sounds like a dream until you actually get to do it and find that you can be very unproductive without structure. Being that close to your bed and tv can tempt you to stay right there but when you have work to do thats not an option. So first things first, you have to be organized and have a plan. You WILL fail without one.


Everything after I say this is going to be centered around compartmentalizing. What is compartmentalizing? The ability to put everything in little boxes whether physically or mentally. For starters, you have to be able to prioritize before you start to section things off. Decide whats most important and organize your day according to that.

Get Your Tools Together

Organized moms know that their planner can be one of the best tools that they can have access to. We like any mom, 18-month planner which has sections, not only for her but for other members of the family as well. Keeping all of the activities and appointments in one place ensures nothing will be missed. The point of 18 months is so that it can coincide with a school year. Weve found desk and wall calendars so whatever you prefer, its there for you. Think of these as the organizing center for the family and encourage them to write their stuff in there too.

App It Up!

If technology is your thing, you can organize your life electronically! From breastfeeding to extracurricular activities, to family life, theres an app for that! Of course, you can find ones that you can share with the other members of your family simply by syncing your calendar with theirs or just by adding and sending. Theres no reason anymore to miss a beat!

Stick To The Schedule

Well before you can stick to anything. You need to actually make a schedule. Divide your day into sections and dedicate them to specific things (see compartmentalizing). You can kind of like your day to a school schedule. Even if you have to set an alarm for yourself to remind you to move on to the next thing, then do that. This is one of the hardest things to do especially if youre in a creative field where you can be in a certain thought pattern or groove. Breaking that can take you out of your creative space but, it will help you to get things done.

Take A Break

When youre at work you have broken (or should), so in the same way, you need scheduled breaks at home to help you refresh yourself and your mind. Dont miss these, which include lunch as these are things we can also forget to do even when at the office.

But The Baby Is Crying!

The joy of working from home is that you can keep your little one close to you. Staying within eyes view of your child will do you both a world of good. Often the baby cries because he/she is lonely and doesnt see you, mom. Keeping them in the room will be beneficial to you both. You can also schedule your breaks around the baby so that you can dedicate your time accordingly.


Last but not least, S.T.O.P! Dont mix your days with your nights … we cant say this enough. DONT MIX YOUR DAYS WITH YOUR NIGHTS! You may be tempted to continue working because youre right there but you also have a family to nurture. Being distracted with work can cause all sorts of animosity with family and personal relationships that is really unnecessary. At the end of the day your family wont remember the things you were able to buy with the money youve made, but the time you didnt give to them when you could have. Maintaining a balance is very hard, but its also very possible.

Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic

IG & Twitter: iam_joii



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