Whether you are receiving your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate’s degree, you need to be as fly as possible when walk across the stage. Get into these do’s and dont’s, as we cheer our way through this graduation season.

Dress for the Occasion

Although you want to turn heads, while leaving your haters gagging with envy, always dress for the occasion. Think of your commencement as your university’s Met Gala. You have earned your degree, and now it’s time to own it. The goal is to ensure bomb pics for social media, all while maintaining that wow factor before and after you remove your gown. However, you also want to make sure that you’re comfortable, as you may be outside for a while or walking a bit of distance.

Color Choice is Vital

Try picking neutral or soft colors like black, blue, baby pink, yellow, white, or tan. They are more likely to go with the color of your gown. However, prints can also be fun! Where what makes you feel most comfortable and beautiful.

Pick the Right Shoe

If you don’t wear heels often, please have enough respect for yourself to not walk around like a newborn deer in super high heels. A girl’s worse graduation fear is falling or tripping as she sashays across the stage. Your shoe game must be on point, but be realistic. It’s important that your shoes match and complement your outfit and gown, but don’t kill you five minutes into wearing them. There is nothing wrong with wearing cute, yet simple flats with your outfit. Always remember, being comfortable and staying yourself is never out of style.

Accessories are Key

A statement necklace and earrings can always make dressing up fun. If you’re feeling a bit extra and want to add on to your outfit, try adding pieces that contrast with the colors you chose for your outfit to make your entire look pop!

Casket Sharp Makeup is Canceled All 2018

Makeup can set off or throw off your entire look. As you walk across the stage, please remember all eyes and cameras are on you. Try going for a natural look with a pop of color for your lips. Make sure you use photo-ready make up and a setting spray so that you’re face looks refreshed all day. The night before graduation, prep your skin with a good cleanser and moisturizer.


Well, 2018 graduates, we hope these tips were helpful for your special day. Graduation is meant to be a milestone in your adult life and a time of celebration for all of your accomplishments and the beginning to a new chapter. You should be proud yourself! Congrats!

Written By: Laura Artis
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