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We live in an age where technology is everything. We’ve got the internet, smart phones, even video chat. We’re lucky enough to be able to travel via plane, train or automobile. So, what exactly is the big deal of dating someone long distance in this day and age? Even with all of the hot commodities we have, long distance relationships are not easy, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. With the right discipline, communication, and commitment, your relationship can last. Here are five ways to strengthen your long distance relationship and enjoy doing so!

  1. Visit as often as you can

Spending time together as often as you can or as often as you can afford is crucial to making your long distance relationship work. You need to see your significant other every chance that you get. It will make the two of you feel more like a “regular” couple if you’re able to see one another, go on dates, and engage in sexual activity. Face-to-face communication is one hundred times more effective than communication through phone or computer.

2. Maintain each other’s trust

Trust is one of the biggest factors in any relationship, but it is especially important in a long distance relationship. You need to remain faithful at all times and try your best to avoid tempation. It is extremely important to always remain honest with your partner about everything, and if you do somehow slip up and make a mistake, be sure to let your partner know. Never put your significant other in a position to question your whereabouts. It is important to trust just as much as love in a relationship, and doing so will keep you both content and happy.

3. Do things together simultaneously

Doing the same thing at the same time will make it seem like you’re actually there with your partner. You will feel closer and you will actually be bonding without physically being together. Try using video chat to cook meals with one another and then set down and eat what you’ve made at the same time; watch the same movie or TV show while on the phone together; use online game rooms and play a game together while chatting; lay down and fall asleep while on video chat. All of these things will make surviving the distance a piece of cake.

4. Keep it sexy

Just because you’re not able to engage in full on sex, doesn’t mean it has to be a “desert” down there. Keep things spicy by sending your partner naughty photos during the day or send him a text of a few nasty things you’d like to do to him. Later on in the evening, throw some sexy lingerie on and Skype him. Phone or video sex is a sure way to keep things steamy between the two of you!

5. Focus on you

Use the time that you’re alone and not with your partner to focus on you. Join a gym, take an art class, learn a new skill, just stay busy. It really helps to keep your mind from going crazy and missing your significant other. Plus, taking time out for yourself will make you much more happier and healthier, in return, making you a better girlfriend.

Written By: Briana Monique


  1. Great article Briana,very proud of you.Your doing great things in life your beautiful,a mother,a partner in life,and reaching your goals girl this is just the beginning Shine B Shine!Congratulations Very good article!


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