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The day of love is….today! So what do you do if you STILL don’t have any plans? We know that holidays can slip your mind, so if you forgot to make plans with your boo this year, don’t trip! We’ve got you covered. You may not have the time to book a fancy hotel with a Jacuzzi and rose petals, but you can still plan a romantic and erotic day for tomorrow. Keep reading to get a few great (and inexpensive) last minute ideas that you can use to have a sexy Valentine’s day with your bae from dawn to dusk.

It’s In The Mornin’

  • Take about 5-8 sexy pics and text them to your bae throughout the day, starting once you wake up in the morning. He’ll be surprised and it’ll keep him anxious until it’s time to see you later. So, put on something sexy…or nothing, find your lighting and your angles, and get your sexy Valentine’s Day pics ready.
  • Plan a breakfast in bed. Wake up before bae and cook a nice breakfast. Get a nice breakfast tray (Walmart, Target, etc.), pull out your nice dishes, and serve it to him in bed while wearing your sexy lingerie. Try to refrain from sex…let him know there’s more to come later which will keep him anticipating the rest of the day.

4 Play In The Kitchen

  • Turn your place into a restaurant. Decorate your kitchen table with a nice table cloth and candles and dim the lights. Cook his favorite dinner in front of him…wearing sexy lingerie and heels. Sex before a meal might just┬ástir up his appetite.

Bubbles & Wine

  • Run a nice bubble bath with essential oils added for fragrance. Decorate the bathroom with candles (place them around your tub if able), cut the lights out and play sexy music while you and bae relax, caress and enjoy each other’s bodies. Don’t forget the liquor (wine, champagne, etc.).

Mrs. Officer

  • Go to a costume store and get a sexy officer costume. Role play is always surprising and sexy. He will be elated when you meet at him the door with your handcuffs and heels. Use your handcuffs and try different positions with bae. This is your time to be a dominatrix. If you can’t find a officer costume, get creative and find other ways to role play with whips, chains, blindfolds etc. You can even bring in fake names, pretending to be someone else for the night.

Magic Mike

  • More like magic Mikayla in your case. Set your place up like a strip club and you’re his personal dancer. Go to Youtube and learn a quick lap dance routine, get a sexy stripper outfit, and give bae a performance he’ll never forget.

Strip or Dare?

  • If you’re a couple that enjoys game night, turning your Valentine’s day into a Sexy Game night is the way to go. The fun thing about this is, you can create all the rules. Put your own sexy spin on Spin the Bottle, Strip or Dare, even card games. Include some tasty margaritas and you have yourself a fun, hot and steamy night ahead of you.

These are just a few ideas that you can combine to make your Valentine’s Day a sexy one for sure! Just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean it will be one that he’ll never forget!

Written By: Kahina Ray

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