Who really wants to go out in the rain if you don’t have to?
Picture this: You wake up on a rainy Saturday morning, ready to brew your favorite coffee, curl up with a mink blanket on the sofa and binge watch Love and Hip-Hop New York. The remote is in your hand and you are all set to press play, when your cell phone rings. It’s one of your closest friends, reminding you of a promise you made to them last weekend. And, unfortunately, that promise involves you leaving your nice, comfy and warm situation on the couch to confront the elements outside of your window. YOU’RE PISSED and want to cancel on them again, but quickly realize that you have to face the music, sooner or later and agree to meet them. Now, what are you going to put on?

EGL has a few options you are going to love!

We have compiled four style boards for four different rainy situations. We also make sure to include a YouTube video showing you the best way to prepare yourself for a rainy day without compromising your style sense.

We’re ready when you are, so let’s get this party started!

Our first rainy day fashion dilemma is for the athletic fashionista. Did you forget about the double gym date that you promised your friend you would play “wingwoman” on? Don’t stress yourself out! We have the perfect option for you.



Rain coat: farfetch.com; $195;
Umbrella: bloomingdales.com; $58, Shirt: topshop.com; $40,
Bag: lordandtaylor.com; $99,
Boots: lordandtaylor.com; $80,
Pants: backcountry.com; $70

We gave our sporty female a spunky transparent and silvery spin on style. She’ll be rocking a clear raincoat and umbrella with a silver pair of rain boots. Under the rain coat she wears a cropped long sleeve tee and black yoga pants. Tying the entire look together, we threw in a silver duffle. Should that weather brighten up a bit, our girl will be ready for anything!


Our second look is for our trendsetting fashion lover who usually never disappoints in terms of style. You can’t miss your best friend’s first fashion show. She even went out of her way to score you front row seats!  



Rain coat: hellyhansen.com; $150;
Umbrella: target.com; $23,
Shirt: johnlewis.com; $14,
Trousers: maykool.com; $26,
Boots: belk.com; $99,
Bag: tjmaxx.tjx.com; $35

Our third rainy day ensemble is for the casual fashionista. How could you forget about the Broadway Street Bar Crawl with the team? Casual-chic has got to be the goal, today.For this instance, we put our girl in a swanky caped raincoat, graphic print umbrella and calf-high rain boots. Beneath the rain coat, she dons a dark floral blouse along with a pair of leather high waist pencil pants. She’ll also need a sleek duffle with after party garments to change into. So, we gave her a plush nude leather duffle bag. Yesss… She’s fly and prepared. What a combination!



Rain coat: topshop.com; $78;
Boots: Nordstrom.com; $85,
Shirt: rosegal.com; $35,
Umbrella: macys.com; $38,
Backpack: shein.com; $25,
Trousers: shein.com; $20

And, our final look is for the fun fashionista who loves color. You have to prepare yourself to get ready to attend your bestie’s grand opening for her wine bar, downtown. There’s going to be press there, so you must to slay the scene!We placed on this young lady a white and grey trimmed rain coat, striped rain boots and world map print umbrella. Below the rain coat, she is wearing a comfy sweater with an edgy asymmetrical neckline and distressed denim trousers. In order to keep up with the casual stage set, we gave her a brick red leather backpack as her purse. Dope, right?



Rain coat: rosewe.com; $32;
Boots: 6pm.com; $98,
Blouse: shein.com; $18,
Skirt: choies.com; $23,
Purse: dailylook.com; $75,
Umbrella: nordstromrack.com; $13

Not enough? Still need more rainy weather options? With that, we gave our color-loving lady a flared trench, knee-high rain boots and transparent umbrella with red trim and handle. Under the raincoat, she is wearing a cropped multi colored blouse with orange leather skirt. For her purse, we gave her an oversized handbag, so that she can kick off the rain boots and break out the pumps for pics. Oh, yeah… She’s that type of lady!

That’s cool. Just check out the YouTube video below!

So, don’t believe the hype!
You can still be just as sexy and trendy in bad weather conditions. You can’t allow the rain to ruin your swag level or stop your everyday hustle. It’s just a little bit of water… SO GET WET!

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