A guide on how to shop sales whether online or in-store

As with any other shopping trip, go in focused and intentional! Look at these top tips that will have you prepared for the crowds and the deals!

Create a budget!

  • It’s easy to get distracted by the great sales, especially if you don’t have a game plan. Create a budget that will keep you in line when it comes to spending. This will eliminate spontaneous purchases just because the sales are available. Avoid small purchases that are not a necessity and “final sale” items. These type of purchases can create buyer’s remorse that usually won’t allow you to return an item. Familiarize yourself with each store’s return policy.

Come Up with a Game Plan!

  • Depending on where you live, the crowds may not be as chaotic as seen on social media or the news. However, you can never be too prepared! Whether you’re facing crowds or online traffic, check prior to Black Friday to see if sales start earlier, how long the sales will last (hourly or daily), and store hours as they may open earlier.
  • Download Apps, Use Social Media and apply promo codes to get a head start on finding the best deals. Apps may have exclusive deals to help you save. Make sure to download them prior to going into the store for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This will help you stay organized with promo codes and not allow any delays when checking out. Follow your favorite stores now on social media to get a jump start along with an opportunity to enter giveaways.

Supply and Demand

  • Do a quick inventory of current items in your closet. Once you’ve identified the items you need, whether they are staples or trending pieces you’ve had your eye on for a while, make a list and compare prices. Do the same for all the gifts you want to buy for your family and friends. Knowing the different sales for high demand items will narrow down the number of stores you will need to visit. Now, that you have a budget and your game plan, it will be easier to pinpoint which retailers you want to visit in-store versus online.

Last Minute Prep

Good some good rest, print, cut, or screenshot your coupons, wear comfortable shoes and travel light. Being prepared will make braving the crowds so much simpler. Don’t forget to pack a snack to avoid being hungry and irritable. Lastly, keep yourself entertained. Whether that’s recruiting your friends and family or having your podcast or playlist ready.

Stay Organized

  • You have your list, you’ve bought your must-haves and purchased all your gifts for the holiday season. So, now what? Keep all receipts! Just in case that “perfect” coat you swiped from the little old lady has a snag, depending on the store policy, you might be able to return or exchange the item. Also, keep all rebates and store credits with your receipts to look at deadlines and fine prints.

These five tips help you prepare and save while navigating the virtual and literal streets. Start prepping now to have a successful shopping experience during Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


Written By: Jessica Roner, Owner of The J Spot Collective

All images from Instagram


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