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Photo Credit: [untitled photo of map]. (N.D.) Retrieved April 29, 2016 from
Are you wanting to get way but can’t decide which places you want to include on your Bucket List? When making your travel Bucket List there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. For starters, be sure to leave  any countries that are not easy to get in and out of off the list. You always want to be able to get there and back easily in the event that any wars or any disasters were to occur. Decide where you really want to travel. What cities, countries, continents really interest you? What are some of the places you always told yourself you would visit before your life is over? If there is a place you always wanted to visit like Paris to see the Eiffel tower, include that place on your list.
  1. Be sure to consider the amount of time you have to spend in your desired destinations, the amount you are hoping to spend, as well as how you plan to travel (if you want to travel in style).Keep in mind that not all countries are as advanced as the United States is when it comes to technology, or living conditions
  1. It is important to work within your budget. If you don’t mind spending an ample amount of money for travel, then don’t hesitate to include the places that may cost more than others. Always keep in mind that if you’re hoping to go on any tours, visit museums, etc., that you will need to have a way to get back and forth to these places. If the country you’re hoping to travel to does not have ways for you to get back and forth, you may want to leave it off of your list.

Hope that these tips come in handy when deciding which places should go on your Travel Bucket List.

Written by: Sydney Hawkins, Modern Domestic, Staff Writer



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