Photo Credit: [untitled photo of women]. (N.D.) Retrieved March 10, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled photo of women]. (N.D.) Retrieved March 10, 2016 from
The princesses in our lives are of very important. While it is imperative that we build strong, young men, it is equally as important to instill in our daughters at an early age, who they are and the strengths that lie within them. What better tool to use in their grooming, than to incorporate International Women’s Day in their lives? With children, everyday is a teaching opportunity. Imparting into our daughters, by increasing knowledge of this day, is vital.

International Women’s Day was originally designated International Working Women’s Day. The history behind it clearly demonstrates the revolutions that came about as a result of women banding together. Women have not always been able to hold jobs, vote and do all that we now can. Today, most women work outside of the home and the days of solely being a dotting housewife are far behind us. Even ladies of leisure juggle philanthropy, exploring their passions and being just plain ole bosses. It is not uncommon to find at the helm of any trail blazing empire, a woman who is successfully managing kids, her home and a career. The fact that we are now gifted to be whoever we want to be is cause for celebration. Here are a couple of ideas that you can tie into your recognition of this day:

  1. If you have a flexible job that will allow it, think of somehow including your daughter in your day. Allowing her to see what you do, will demonstrate that she can do whatever she sets her mind to and that she does not have to fit a stereotypical mold, but can juggle just as good as, if not better than, you.
  2. Gather her and her girlfriends together for an “empowering session”. Bring together women that can pour into them, who will serve as visual representations of the things that they can attain. Discuss their passions and celebrate them.

It is also important to discuss that there is no such thing as JUST a mother or JUST a wife, rather that women are the glue that hold everything together therefore we should stick together. Implant into her psyche that if her aspirations go no further than her wanting to be a wife and mother, that she is already enough and crucial to the world. International Women’s Day can be a movement instead of a single celebratory experience. What greater examples do our daughters have than us? It only takes one. Let that one be you.

Written by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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