Want to travel the world, but you’re pinching pennies? Don’t worry, we have a few travel hacks that may come in handy.

Travel Tuesday
Tuesday has been deemed the best day to fly with the cheapest airfare, and Sundays are typically the most expensive. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magical day for getting big airfare deals, but data shows that Tuesdays, followed by Wednesdays, and then Saturdays are generally when you can find the cheapest flight prices.

Frequent Flyer Miles
Find an airline (or airlines) you love. Sign up for their frequent flyer programs that allow you to earn points for traveling. These points will later reward you with significantly lower flight prices and/or hotel reservations. If you’re going to do the traveling anyway, why not earn points and rack up the perks? Paying attention to the exclusive program deals they send your way, plus being flexible, is a great way to hop on a vacation opportunity for the low.

Research and Flexibility

This may seem obvious, but rushing into the first appealingly “low” flight rate, accommodations, and excursions, is one of the biggest mistakes a traveler can make. Checking multiple sites, as well as different flying dates, will help narrow down what the actual best airfare rates are for your travel budget. Using the flight calendar provided on the sites, and not being cemented to one travel date, provides you the opportunity to snag a cheaper flight on a different day. This goes for reserving lodging and planning excursions, do your research and be open to change.

Extra tip: Pack light and drive when you can.

Focus on the Experience

At the end of a trip, what do you want to bring back most; things, a hurting bank account, or stories of an enjoyable and adventurous experience, and a bank account that’s still smiling? Focusing on the experiences rather than material things, and what’s “popular,” in preparation and during the trip, will help make staying on a budget easier. Finding free local entertainment, visiting free museums and art galleries, avoiding taxis by walking or renting a bike instead, mixing and mingling with the locals, and eating like the locals are all great ways to create an epic travel experience on a hitchhiker’s budget.

Eat out for Lunch

Bring and cook your own food when you can, and focus on lunchtime and happy hour for eating out at more expensive restaurants. Most establishments have lunch and happy hour deals that make eating there cheaper than their regular menu prices.

At a time where social media has made traveling and exploring places outside of your home more and more enticing, it can also be stressful and seem far out of reach for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Take these traveling hacks and start planning your next adventure now.

Written ByTinita Tennant, Modern Domestic, Staff Writer


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