It’s Valentines Day. Your social media timelines are probably overrun with pictures and statuses of people posting gifts and heart felt messages to their lovers. A few people will be bashing the holiday and other’s will be hiding their loneliness behind funny memes.  Despite whatever category you fall into, we can all agree that unless you’re in a relationship with someone that makes every day feel like Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to showering your person with gifts, love and attentions isn’t too shabby.

Nothing puts things in perspective for your relationship like seeing how your significant other handles holidays. As soon as Christmas is over, stores fill a few isles with Valentine’s day paraphernalia and the Kay Jewelers and Zales commercials are being shoved down your throat. Valentine’s day, the official day for lovers, is the only holiday where family, children, and friends don’t usually need to be considered (which leaves less room for excuses). This day is strictly to celebrate your love and relationship with your partner.

But holidays can be a reality check. You’ll know exactly where you stand based on you getting, or not getting, gifts, quality time, invites to family functions, or at least a conversation in consideration of whether you’re looking to celebrate. When a special day comes around and the person you’re allegedly special to isn’t celebrating it with you, what more proof do you need of your lack of importance in their life?

Some people might argue that Valentine’s day is for kids or some people decide to celebrate before or after the actual day to avoid holiday crazed over-pricing and overcrowding. Even though those can both be valid reasons to skip out on the festivities happening today, don’t allow yourself to be bamboozled and pay attention to the signs. For example, a lover that is uncharacteristically MIA today may be hiding something.

If you’re in a relationship, your man should have at least asked if Valentine’s day is a holiday you celebrate and if so, how or when you’d like to make plans.  Spending time with the people you love is important, especially days that are meant to be spent with loved ones. Pay attention to the signs and don’t ignore the obvious.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by: Ayana Conry

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