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Edwards, G. (Author). (2011). black woman giving man the hand [Photo], Retrieved February 7, 2016, from
Attempting to break away from someone you’re attached to can prove itself to be difficult. By now, that other person knows exactly how to get to you. Sometimes, all it takes is one phone call and you’re right back where you started.

Trusting that you’ll be fine without contact between you and your ex can be a scary feeling but just like you were okay on your own before them, understand that it is very possible to do well after them. A starting point for you can be to form a habit of ignoring them, eventually shutting them out completely. Ignoring their call for a day, and then for another will definitely test your strength due to the attachment, but you want to be strong enough to fight their attempts. You also want to be sure not to contact them, yourself.

The block button is another option. By enabling this feature on your phone, your ex has no way of reaching you and using those words that get to you every time. Blocking their email and social media accounts may seem like a lot but if it’s what you need to do, go for what works. This eliminates all temptation. While you can disable the feature at any time, it still goes back to you trusting your judgment when it comes to knowing what’s good for your mental, physical and emotional stability.

The goal is to reclaim your independence. If you know in your heart that being with your ex is unhealthy, you have to find your space again. Once he no longer has the ability to reach you, there’s nothing left to fall for. Getting to that point will allow you to focus more on the way all your relationships and situations in your life affect you.

Written By: Essence Mason


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