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HBO’s hit series Insecure has been subliminally sending their core audience on a musical scavenger hunt. If you’re familiar with the show, you’re aware that the hit show uses music to support the show’s theme.

In Season One of Insecure, creator Issa Rae used numerous references of Drake within each episode. In an interview last October, Issa told Rolling Stone about the hidden subliminal musical messages.”We have a Drake lyric in every episode as an Easter egg,” Rae said. “That was a personal thing for me, but that’s not something that we bang you over the head with.”

For instance, in one scene, Issa and Daniel have a funny conversation about Drake:
Daniel: It’s not Moscato, but it’s some shit Drake would like.
Issa: Why’d you just assume I like Drake?
Daniel: Every black girl that went to college likes Drake.
Issa: He just really gets us!

Well, it looks like season 2 was not going to be any different; other than the interesting messy scandals like: Issa’s bestie Molly (played by Yvonne Orji) sleeping with a married man, or picking a side between Issa herself and now ex-boyfriend Lawrence. Anyhow, according to the users of Reddit, who also are experts in breaking down summer hit shows like Game of Thrones, this season includes tiny clues that have been pointing to a deliberate plan to include Frank Ocean into each episode of this juicy season. Between my own suspicion, knowledgeable “Hella” Insecure fans, and Complex magazine have dissected the entire season thus far and found numerous of Frank Ocean gems across every episode:

“Hella Great”

In the season premiere, Lawrence visits Issa at their old apartment to pick up his mail and other left-behind items. On his way out, Lawrence notices that the Frank Ocean pillow that used to be on the couch isn’t there anymore:

“What happened to Frank Ocean?”

“The pillow? Oh, it must have disappeared.”

“You spilled something on it.”

“Wine… and tapatio.”

This is the first clue to uncover the Frank tribute plan.

“Hella Questions”

In the second episode of Season 2, there’s a quick scene that shows Issa picking up her phone, which is clad in a Frank Ocean case. Later that episode, Issa’s hilarious friend Kelli is stalking Lawrence’s rebound Tasha on social media. Slightly judgmental (or hella judgmental), Kelli comments, “It looks like she’s working at the Pyramid tonight.” It’s a direct hat-tip to Frank’s ambitious 10-minute track “Pyramids” from his debut album, Channel Orange.

“Hella Open”

The Frank mention from the third episode of the season comes from Molly’s potential bae, Randall, played by Sterling K. Brown. In a scene with the two, Randall says, “I’ve got to tell you how much I vibe with you”—a lyric from “Solo,” from last year’s Blonde.

“Hella LA”

The Frank Ocean mention from episode four also involves a conversation with Molly. This time, she’s reminiscing with childhood friend/part-time lover Dro about their past. Dro says, “My waves wouldn’t dip back then,” a quotation from Blonde’s “Ivy.”

This episode featured a second mention: when the ever-gullible Lawrence ends up in a threesome, one of the girls he’s hooking up with says, “Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb,” which is a lyric from Frank’s breakout 2011 song, “Novacane.”

“Hella Shook”

In episode five, Molly and Dro are catching up again. “I’ve been thinking ’bout you,” she tells him. It’s a straightforward nod to Frank’s timeless jam, “Thinkin Bout You.”

“Hella Blows”

In the most recent episode, Issa is talking to Molly about her “ho-tation,” when she mentions Nico, one of the dudes in her circle. Issa explains how she wants their next conversation to go: “I’ma tell him, ‘Shut the fuck up, I don’t want your conversation—get in my lineup.'” The first part of that imaginary conversation is a lyric from “Nights,” also from Blonde.

Written By: Ashley Nicole

Instagram: x__anicole


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