Living in a full house can have it’s troubles … like messy rooms, lots of traffic and stains in your furniture! Are you sick of your expensive fabrics being ruined by nasty oil spills? Or your gorgeous carpet ripped to shreds from oil traction? If so, here are a few tips to help you out. Some can be lost when it comes to saving your fabrics from oil spills, from cloth sofas, carpets to jeans and everyday items. Have you ever seen anyone attempt to remove and clean an oil spill with a wet cloth? What about soap and water? The fact remains, all of those tricks don’t work for every spill.

Try baby powder! The next time you make a spill, quickly grab some powder, or flour. First you place it on top of the spill on both sides. This will help the oil spill soak itself in the dry substance. When applying your dry substance to your spill, you’ll only need a small amount. If the spill is large repeat as needed, make sure you are wiping the dry substance from the spill.

To see the best results, dab the flour or powder quickly onto the spill, to insure that oil doesn’t soak into your fabric or cloth. If you’re wondering if this magic trick works for any type of fabrics or clothes, it does and the procedure proceeds the same.
Written By: Amesha Patterson


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