Girls night in. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from
Girl friends cooking in the kitchen. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from
Girlfriends cooking in the kitchen. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from

Ladies, juggling career and family can be stressful! Let’s face it, sometimes you’ve just got to let LOOSE! And what better way than girls’ weekend? Throw in the fact that it takes place at home and the most you’ll need is an overnight bag and a sense of adventure …Would you be in?! 

For some of us, girls night has become a thing of the past. With kids, work, carpool, and the like, we are often forced to place our entertainment on the back burner. Also, sometimes the effort required to go OUT is just a bit too much after a long week of motherhood and work. Here’s a guide to help you and your girls have a guaranteed great time!

Girls night in. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from
Girls night in. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from

SECURE THE SPOT–  have a designated house the kids reside in for the entire night(s) with a sitter. If the femme session is running beyond 24 hours, this means the dads fend for themselves AND each other – with the kids, usually in one house or between two houses of close proximity.

Then agree on who’s house the “girls” will be in. Remember: It’s GIRLS’ night, which means testosterone-free!

“TAG” A THEME-  Sleepover Realness, Sappy Love Movies, Black and White Nostalgia, the list goes on. Once you’ve settled on a theme, the cocktail and decorating fun begins! Nothing has to be expensive. The best places to go for these impromptu evenings is your local dollar store. A fun way to tie in the theme of each evening is to create a signature drink or a theme-based game. Watching a raunchy, comic romp? Try taking shots every time something gross happens. You get the gist; experiment and have fun responsibly.

STOCK YOUR SUPPLIES– While you are perusing the aisles of the dollar store for your decor, think about a few go-to snacks. Remember your time frame and be mindful of having enough food to accommodate each of you and each other’s palates. If it’s a movie night, popcorn and pretzels are great, but if you want to kick it up a notch to grown and chic, think along the lines of an appetizer with a twist. Get online and check out easy, delicious items you could even make together.

Make up party. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from
Make up party. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from

If your theme requires any, “tools of the trade,” like nail polish, nail polish remover, face masks, etc., grab a couple of each to accommodate your needs [Dollar Tree $1.00 each]. If you plan on needing something else of a larger nature (blender, food processor), make a plan of who can and will supply what items so that everything comes together smoothly.

RELAX, AND HAVE FUN- The whole point of girls’ night is to enjoy one another’s company and have a good time so DO just that! Whether you all are watching a rom-com, or playing a game of gin rummy- relish in the time you have together as friends. Unplug for the length of your  “excursion”- don’t worry about work, status updates, or even the kids. Just relax, and unwind in comfort and style!

Written By: Jennifer Batchelder, staff writer Modern Domestic, Founder, Dear Moms Blog





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