When your good girlfriend tells you that she is dating someone new, it is your responsibility to make sure the dude passes the f*ckboy screening. What is the f*ckboy screening you ask? Well, there are a series of scenarios that can sway the f*ckboy meter. As friends, we then sit and discuss these scenarios and determine where our bestie’s man falls on the meter.

Does he say general statements like, “We should hang,” or “Let me know when you’re free,” but never initiates an actual date? Rather than coming up with an actual time and place, he leaves the option up in the air and never gives a solid confirmation. Red flag number one. There are many different reasons this could be the case, however, a man that is serious about spending time with you will make the proper arrangements for the meet up to happen.

Does he go ghost? Meaning, disappear for days without you hearing from him? And when he finally resurfaces, does he offer an explanation about where he’s been, or does he act like everything is normal? Even better, does he abruptly stop dealing with people; then expect them to just “deal with it”? Red flag number two. This is a classic f*ckboy move. Some f*ckboys might use the excuse that they are very “busy” with their careers, but no matter how busy a man is, he will always make time for what he wants. Even if you only see him doing that to others, don’t think that he won’t flip the script and do the exact same thing to you.

Does he apologize when he has done wrong? When we say apologize, we mean actually say, “I’m sorry for doing x,y and z”. If “sorry” isn’t in his vocabulary, that is red flag number three.  You’re out of here! For a f*ckboy, admitting that he’s a failure of a man would be admitting defeat. That would hurt his pride too much. Ladies, keep your cool, and cut that man off. He doesn’t deserve you, and there’s no need to get high blood pressure over a f*ckboy; your energy could be used in much better instances.

Good girlfriends are important to have to help you sift through the f*ckboys. Holding your bestie responsible for her participation in the f*ckboy behavior is key. Make sure she doesn’t engage, and is able to see with her own eyes his behavior and how it negatively affects her. But leave the ultimate decision up to her to make. You never want to be that friend that seems bitter and angry. Guide her in the right direction, and let her choose her fate.

Written By: Faith Stewart

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