Roses are Red and violets are blue, baby I don’t have to break bread to prove that I am in love with you. You know how the saying goes it is the thought that counts but most people think that is just an excuse to be cheap. The fact remains; you can go to the store and buy expensive jewelry, handbags or reserve dinner at one of the most expensive places in town but there are about 1 million or more other people doing the same thing on Valentines day. I’m right because that is why most clubs, restaurants and movie theatres will be filled to the max.

What can you do to give the person you love a priceless gift that comes straight from the heart? Those gifts that you can’t buy from the store or you will not find it on Amazon but will only be thought of by you; and a little help from Everything Girls Love. Check out some of these gifts ideas that you can put together for that special person in your life.

1. A Valentines Day The Hunt - This is something like a scavenger hunt made just for your honey. You want to plan it ahead and be creative and get your family or friends to help you out. Start in the morning with a note card strategically placed somewhere you know they will look. Write clues on the cards that relate to your relationship like, “ Where did we first kiss?” Set up either prepaid lunch, gifts or adventures through out the day. By the time the day is over, they will be relieved to finally see you. If you’re trying to get engaged, then do it the next morning. That is the element of surprise.

If your feeling extra giving this year you could even try all three ideas. Which one will you choose?

Written by: Deprina Godboldo, Staff Writer for Modern Domestic


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