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 We get it…you’re married. And yes, we know…you’re happy. Excited. In love with your best friend. You are the very definition of #relationshipgoals. You still have that warm, gushy feeling that seems to envelope newlyweds. You and your spouse walk around with hearts in your eyes like the emoji and you just can’t stop talking about each other or all of the happy things going on in your household with your friends and family. You have entered into a covenant with this person and promised to love them until one of you takes your last breath. We all applaud you for taking that journey down the aisle, but did you get married just to brag about it?

Is it just us or does it seem like folks are getting married left and right without even dating each other for more than two years and flooding social media for all of us to stay reminded just how happy they are? “My husband this …,” “My wife that …” We don’t want to come off as haters here, but if most of your conversations with people outside of your marriage center on the life you live with your spouse in the confines of your home walls, you may be a marriage bragger.

Here are a few indicatiors that you are a bragger:

All of your #TBT posts are of Bae!

If the only part of your life that you post on social media is the part with bae in it, you might be a bragger.

Your hastags revolve around your relationship status.

Using hashtags like #relationshipgoals, #bestwife, #arentwecute, #bff4life, #lovemyhubby on every post actually makes people think the opposite. We know you are happy. Don’t dull your happiness by making it seem like overcompensation.

Shared social media accounts.

Mmmmmk…do you absolutely have to share a social media account with your spouse? It makes us feel like you don’t trust him/her or again, that you’re overcompensating for your alleged pure happiness. You were your own person before you became a Mrs. or Mr., and you still are. Act like it.

Gushing and bragging constantly about your spouse’s awesomeness

You should love your spouse. You did marry them .They’re a great parent and cook and meet you for lunch today. These are the things that make a great marriage. Spend a little more time letting him know how much you appreciate him rather than giving us a play-by-play on Facebook every, single day.

Marriage braggers know who they are. Spend more time being intimate with your spouse and get to know their heart, dreams, needs, and desires. Let your relationship do the bragging on its own!

Written ByCarla DuPont Huger

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