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No matter if your nail polish collection is big or small, we can all benefit from storing our products the best way possible. You may have your polishes displayed on your dresser in your bedroom, the storage cabinet of your bathroom, or maybe you’re like me and you are currently keeping your overflowing polishes in an old Christmas gift box (don’t judge me).  I, myself, like many of you definitely need to get better organized when it comes to storing my nail products. 
That’s why your favorite EGL nail guru dug deep to find some of the absolute best ways to store your beloved polishes, tools, and supplies.
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1. Shoe or Jewelry rack–  You can use a clear, plastic over-the-door shoe rack or wall jewelry rack, depending on how much polish you need to store. Organize by putting similar colors in the same pocket. Racks can be found at Walmart or 5 Below for $5 bucks.

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2. Clear Jars/ Bowls–  Whether you prefer to display your nail products or organize it better so you can find it when you need it, plastic or glass containers are perfect. Think cookie jars, vases, fishbowls, or kitchen storage containers.
3.  Gift Boxes – Ok, so this nail product guru got it half right.  If you save those really nice gift boxes you can hang them on the wall to display your beautiful collection. As long as its strong and sturdy, you’re in business.

4.  DIY Shelves – Thanks to YouTube and Pinterest, we can all create our own polish racks using inexpensive materials like spice rack parts, plastic, and/or, a few pieces of wood to achieve this gorgeous look.

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5. Spice Racks  – The racks can be used to store and display not only polishes but can also store nail products like nail polish remover, Q -tips, nail filers, etc.
6. Baskets or Clear Stackable Boxes –  Small baskets can fit almost anywhere and are perfect for drawers. Store not only polish but all other products similar to how we see in professional nail salons.
7. Tin Containers –  Old cylinder shaped tins or banks are great for storing tall supplies like tweezers which should be stored up right so they don’t become dull. Items like files, Q tips, and/ or cuticle remover tools are perfect for this also.
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8. Magnetic strip  – Another great DIY is the magnetic strip storage. You can get a magnetic bar or a board, next glue magnets to the back of nail polish bottles and stick. For nail products, simply stick metal nail clippers, scissors etc.
9. Plastic or glass cups – This is a great way to store Q-tips, tweezers, cotton balls, and nail files. 
10. Plastic tool box – Perfect for someone who needs mobile storage and/or is a huge DIY nail-ista. You can easily store basic supplies and polish as well as nail art supplies. Found at Walmart.
Give these tips a try to get your self organized like the nail pro you are. 



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