Being a schooler comes with its own set of pressures such as schoolwork, peer pressure, academic testing, homework, etc. Sometimes, without knowing, parents can become overly obsessed with their child’s extra-curricular activities and school work, that they never take the time to reward them and show them they are headed in the right direction. When a child is given some type of reward, it increases confidence, self-esteem and motivation and it makes their determination to succeed even greater. The controversy is that if we reward our kids for every good thing they do, then they would start to expect a reward for every single thing they do. Can this be true? Absolutely! When we implement rewarding systems, it is necessary to make it understood that rewards are choices and not mandatory. Once this is understood, your schooler will have a clear understanding of what they are expected to excel in with or without a reward being handed to them for every achievement.

Here are some fun and easy rewarding systems that you can share with your schoolers:

Rack Up Points at Home and Redeem Later

As a parent to a schooler, if your child scores high on a test, or see them randomly reading a book, mentally give points for doing so. Do not mistake and allow your schooler to know about the “point system” because they will purposely do good deeds in order to redeem their points. Our goal is to make sure our schoolers understand that whether they get a reward or not, they are always expected to be a good human being whether in school, home or in the general public. They can redeem their points by picking their favorite restaurant to eat or something special they want like a game for a game system.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Praise Reports

Money can buy an abundance of things, but one thing it cannot buy is pride, joy and self-esteem. For example, when your schooler talks about the great job on their homework give verbal, “way to go,” “awesome job,” or “keep up the good work” communication. No hugs, no kisses, just words and they will be satisfied.

Money, Money, Money + Saving

Kids they love money! Many kids will pick the almighty dollar over going to their favorite restaurant or their favorite play center. Even if you catch your child cleaning their room or doing anything good in general, give them a monetary gift. Another thing is to teach them simple steps about the power of saving and the importance of it and give them advice on saving and buying what they really want. Overall, rewarding your child for a job well done can be a great gesture, as long as it is understood that rewards are choices and not mandatory.

Written by: Veronica Green, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic



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