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Whether it’s marriage, a parental relationship or a friendship, relationships are hard work to remain healthy and connected. Getting a friendship back on track after it has gone awry can be an emotional task. There are some simple steps that can be taken get everything back in order.

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Realizing that there is a breakdown within the friendship is the first step to rebuilding trust. Oftentimes, we become busy with our own lives and the routines and demands that come along with it. We tend to get tunnel vision– especially if we’re focused on a major task at work. Once we realize that our ‘friend time’ has taken a back seat we have to check it.

Now here is the part that can get a little sticky: communication. This is a major key to success. As friends, you have to come together and discuss where you all are with your friendship. Find out if you both are feeling the disconnect and how you all got to this place. It’s important to hash out the differences you are feeling through a simple conversation because harboring feelings gets you nowhere. Decide together if you want to salvage your friendship or if it’s time to walk away. Of course this will bring up emotions but since you all were friends at one point in time, there has to be love there no matter what.

Lastly, as our Auntie Iyanla would say, do the work. Come up with some realistic goals that you both can meet. Whether it’s meeting for lunch once a week, or working out together on Tuesdays during lunch, or Facetiming for “Scandal.” Whatever it is, do it! You’ll be able to catch up on all the time lost with your friend, and work that much harder to keep the bond tighter than ever.

By: Faith Stewart


  1. A broken realtionship is a hard thing to repair. But at the end of the day if you still thinking about them, you miss them, and you always catch up where you lefted off and the love and careness is still there for one another.


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