TI (Photograph). Retrieved 5-16-16 from http://www.rap-up.com/2016/05/16/new-music-ti-marsha-ambrosius-dope
T.I. (Photograph). Retrieved 5-16-16 from http://www.rap-up.com/2016/05/16/new-music-ti-marsha-ambrosius-dope

The King of the South is back and he’s coming fully loaded with  new music! Atlanta native rapper T.I. has recently released the full version of his new single “Dope.”

T.I.'s Instagram @troubleman31, retrieved 5-20-16
T.I.’s Instagram @troubleman31, retrieved 5-20-16

On the single T.I. brought out star producer Dr. Dre, as well as Marsha Ambrosius. The track samples the late singer Aaliyah’s classic  hit “Rock the Boat”from 2001. On the song, T.I. raps about how in love and fulfilled he is within his life, family, and career as he compares it to being “addicted to drugs,” or “high off life.” With a well-produced sound, and the angelic vocals of Marsha Ambrosius, T.I. couldn’t possibly have held back on this one!

“Truth is for real, feel like Dre and Pharrell

Mixed with Eric B and Rakim, shorty hell on a scale and still the game enticing me, like every time I see her they like to pop a seal, high enough to see Aaliyah.”

This will be the socialites 10th album to hit the stores and will be titled The Dime Trap.  With the full visual of the song dropping soon on Tidal, featuring cameos such as Nelly, Travis Scott, Killer Mike and more,  it looks as if the King of the south is back to claim his thrown!

While he adjusts his crown, take a listen to the new hit released below:

Written By: Chante’ Hall


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